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This June, I am lacing up my joggers to take on the Healthy Harold Hundred. I’ve committed to covering at least 100km in 30 days...that's 3.3ks a day!

Bullying and violence is a growing issue for kids – in the playground and online. 1 in 4 Australian children are bullied every few weeks, and 1 in 5 kids experience cyberbullying. Schoolyard bullies are 4 times more likely to abuse their partners later in life. 

Please sponsor me today to support my hundred and help Life Education (and of course Healthy Harold!) deliver more respectful relationships programs to kids across Queensland.

Every dollar donated and every kilometre covered will get us one step closer to breaking the cycle of bullying and violence.

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my reason for doing the 100

Thursday 12th May
As I posted on Facebook I absolutely loved Harold coming to school growing up! 
So did many of us it is definitely something we remember like it was yesterday! 
And in saying that sadly some people would remember being bullied like it was yesterday .. it could be a core memory for them. 

Bullying can have really serve effects on young people growing up it can effect them development. It can leave a everlasting scar that is carried throughout life that can have negative impacts on the quality of life. 

Let’s educate our child , let’s have those conversation, let’s be the voice for people who feel they are unheard x

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Respite Relief Solutions

Good work Teegan and Arie


Pat Green




Rachael Rollason

Love you Teegs


Sophie Barber

Good on you for doing this! What a legend! Ps. Can confirm I would also lose my shit when I saw the healthy Harold van pulling into the school grounds



Good on you brother! Love what you're doing. Bless you ❤️


Melanie Hanrahan

Your amazing! Great cause! ♥️♥️



Harold ❤️ Cherub 👼



Great cause that you are supporting. Well done Teegs, your participation is greatly appreciated ♥️♥️


Sheryll Brown

You go girl!!!! Miss seeing your lovely face..


Chrissie X

Go you good thing!!!



Love ya work



Smashing it babe 😘



Let’s get it !


Rhe Neilsen

Good work mate


Jaimie Taunoa-brown

Hope you reach your goals xo


Josette Kahotea

Absolute Magic!


Campbell Whanau



Get em T-Dawg xx