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This June, I am lacing up my joggers to take on the Healthy Harold Hundred. I’ve committed to covering at least 100km in 30 days...

Unfortunately; like many I have been the target of bullying my whole life - At school, in the workplace, in the gym and on the netball court to name a few. I still remember the names I was called as a 5 year old kid. name calling centred around congenital physical differences over which i had no control. Bullying decimated my self confidence to the point where I would wear jumpers on 40 degree days and even now many years later I spent the whole day at wet n wild not going on a single ride as I didn't want to take my shoes off for fear of people looking at me, staring and calling me names. 

Bullying is not ok, its never ok and the affects it can have on people are profound and can last many years. 

I am running this year as it is a huge physical challenge and I want to inspire people to push past their boundaries especially those placed upon them by others to do the things they didnt think possible.

1 in 4 Australian children are bullied every few weeks, and 1 in 5 kids experience cyberbullying. I am raising funds with the hope that as many people as possible are spared the torment that I have been through. With Life Ed Queenslands' bullying awareness and prevention programs I hope to see children and adults realise the effects that they can have on others and chose kindness over bullying. 

Please sponsor me today to support my hundred and help Life Education (and of course Healthy Harold!) deliver more respectful relationships programs to kids across Queensland.

Every dollar donated and every kilometre covered will get us one step closer to breaking the cycle of bullying and violence.

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Shot bro



go Khara!! to hell with the bullies...



Amazing work Khara!


Dollar Match


Daniel Mcintyre



Well done Khara. Bullying is the worst of termites that can eat people from inside, all the while they pretent to be coping. A hard battle to wage. Let’s work towards a bullying free world.


Jordyn Cutbush

Amazing work!! And great cause! - Jordyn (Anna’s friend from Hiit)


Chris Lewis

Go Khara, you are an inspiration!


Stephen Sinnott

Good luck Love your work


Ben Brock

Well done Khara and good luck with the 100kms!


Jenee Moffa

You Go GIRL Show them who you are


Noel Rayner

well done Khara





Good on you Khara 💪🥰


Scott Clark




Dollar Match




Martin Young

Sounds a serious challenge! Good luck.



Go Khara! So proud of you, you incredible human xo


Suzy Wright

You are amazing!


Emma Musker

Well done Khara :)